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Real Time Search -service


Real Time Search -service gives the subscriber significant added value in a short time. Real Time Searches are conducted using commercial product called Derwent Innovatiot that is tailored specifically to searches to patent databases. Access to more than 157 million patent documents (checked October 2023)! In the Real Time Search service you interact with the patent searcher, whereby you:

  • can describe the object of the search to the patent searcher,
  • will be able to capitalize on your own skills throughout the search,
  • can take the experts you like to the search,
  • can develop the invention in the midst of the search,
  • get the real feel of the novelty of the subject being searched and
  • will see concrete from start to finish where you pay for Real Time Search.


Real Time Search costs 350 eur + VAT and the search part lasts at most 1,5 hours. Ask for an offer if you wish the Real Time Search be conducted at your premises. Tampere has good connections in many directions in Finland.

Ask for more information or ask for a tailor-made service that suits your needs, e.g., by email at info (at) or arto.anttila (at), by phone +358 500 66 00 44. Patent Doctors at your service in both English and Finnish.