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Patent Doctors

Got an idea or made an invention? Or just want a quick boost for your product development?

Patent Doctors Ltd is specialized in doing patent searches to ideas and inventions either as a part of product development or problem solving or just for a quick check to help with the decision on whether to file a patent application for the idea/invention or not.

Patent Doctors use Derwent Innovation product with “Asian First-Level Patent Pro” -module (bringing English translations of Asian patent documents to patent searches) as a search tool for patent databases. The tool gives access to over 110 million patent documents! According to the Derwent Innovation web page: “Derwent Innovation provides access to the most trusted global patent data and scientific literature with powerful capabilities to perform analysis and collaborate efficiently.”

Real Time Search is a patent search service provided by Patent Doctors. The Real Time Search service is one of a kind in the world! In the Real Time Search service, the service may be terminated if a solution corresponding to your invention be found. Also, several inventions may be investigated in one service by using per invention only the time required by each invention. In one case, 8 inventions were investigated superficially in 6 hours. In another case 1 invention was investigated thoroughly in 6 hours.

Services provided by Patent Doctors cover conventional patent search services such as State of the art Reports, Novelty Searches, Freedom-to-Operate Reports, Patent Landscaping, Validity Searches and Patentability Reports. Patent Doctors Ltd, located in Finland, does most of it’s searches face-to-face. If you would like to use Patent Doctors services outside Finland, don’t hesitate to ask the price for your case!

First a Patent Search Service at Patent Doctors and thereafter a patent application with your Patent Attorney!

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Real Time Search (320 eur + VAT / h)

(Contains link to the service)

Traditional Patent Searches (260 eur + VAT / h)

Patent Engineer Services and Consulting (200 eur + VAT / h)


Versatile patent search services with over 15 years of patent search experience from various technology fields.

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